Kraft launched their new version of Vegemite at quarter-time of the AFL Grand Final on Saturday – traditionally, a huge TV audience not to mention the 99,251 pilgrims inside the MCG shrine.

And it’s horrible.

How horrible?

Are you sitting down?

Got a stiff drink?

Dialled two zeros on your phone just in case your face is badly injured in the severe bout of cringing that is about to occur?

Deep breath…


The Vegemite iSnack 2.0. Yes: they really called it that.

Bloggers and Twitterers went into overdrive. And they weren’t even St Kilda supporters who were watching their dream going down the Yarra river.


Kraft are busy bidding for Sara Lee. Heaven help us.

[thanks, Crikey contributors]

Lovonne and Sue paid a visit to Stellenbosch and bumped into Potchi, the iconic artist.

Apart from the horrendous prices he now charges, he was willing and able to pose for le madame.



                              [If you own a Potchi, your investment is growing!]



                              [A new masterpiece in progress]



                              [Did you expect Potchi to look like this?]

A trip to Stanford is never complete without a pilgrimage to Marianna’s Bistro.

Sunday was no exception. The first weekend after the long winter close.

IMG 5868


The Mother and Daughter – the morning after (checking for left overs).

We were greeted by a slimmer and more relaxed Marianna and her newly shaved Pieter. Soentjies en drukkies all round – and in the case of Pieter, it’s boys on the lips!!

The Stanford farmers are bottling a not too shabby rose these days and gazing over at the Kleinrivier mountains from the stoep is probably as close to the Luberon as you can get.

The menu has evolved. From starters of asparagus and beans to souffles and artichoke soup. However, its down there amongst the mains that the real magic has happened. A Springbok ragu was pronounced ‘amazing’, the trout ‘exceptional’, the skaap en dinge (lamb shanks to the unitiated) ‘up to standard’ and the famous Chicken Pie has just got – well, more famous. Crammed full of flavoursome chicken and light pastry, there is only one solution: a two-pie option. One is never enough and when you smother it with Marianna’s atchar………….

rumours abound in the big Cape village that Marianna is about to write a recipe book divulging all her secrets – even the atchar recipe. Maybe the chicken pie, too?

Now, if we could only get the two of them to transform the hoenderhok into a sales outlet for the olives, preserves etc!

IMG 5858



[It’s not bad when the waiter takes your order sitting down at your table]

IMG 5864



[You need this warning after the chicken pie, believe me]

IMG 5867



[You know the food service is over and the hosts have started to drink when Em arrived through the garden fence]

IMG 5863




[An opportunity waiting to happen – imagine the hoenderhok? Think of Healesville Hotel, Maison Gouin, guys]

Totsiens – tot later

Lovonne and Simon



The NZ Herald breathlessly gushes that Obama spoke to their PM TWICE!!

It sounds almost better than winning the Tri-Nations. It’s amazing what the little country holds on to when their rugby team is losing.

This morning’s editorial from Crikey sums up a significant moment for Australia media. When one considers that this is the country which spawned Pert McCord, Kerry Packer and is the country which is saturated with more media than any other and has the highest readership of magazines per capita – it’s significant indeed. The rest of the world is watching with interest and, I’m sure, traditional media owners are shuddering.



Crikey Editorial:

What would happen if there was an auction for control of one of Australia’s most iconic media assets and no buyers turned up?

It happened this week. Control of the Ten Network passed from its owner of ten years, Can west, to … no-one. Not one media tycoon, or would-be media tycoon, or global media outfit put up their hand to buy arguably Australia’s most successful free-to-air TV network, even though the price was a meager $1.30 a share (it was over $4 four years ago). Instead, Can west’s 50.06% controlling interest is being dispersed among institutional buyers.The Ten Network auction that attracted no buyers is a watershed moment in Australian media, the moment when a thoroughbred media asset was treated by the media market like an old cart horse. Every owner of every major newspaper, TV, radio or magazine network in Australia must now confront the reality that the most astute arbiter of value of all — the marketplace — has decreed that the era of old media being a license to generate exceptional profits, or wield exceptional power, is over. O-V-A.

[thanks, Rickey]

While Cape Town emerges from its building site shroud as a much improved city with modern infrastructure, here’s some pics of what it used to look like! Note the great old cars.


Adderley Street – note the cars and the sexy Christmas lights!



Cape Town International in its guise as DF Malan. Completely unrecognisable from to-day where the new terminals, two massive parking garages and retail complex are nearly complete. Not to mention the office park behind.



Hospital bend on de Waal drive – today a multi lane highway with enough flyover bridges to make Boston proud.



Cape Town harbour before the Waterfront, Convention Centre, multiple hotels and numerous skyscrapers.



Coming down the N1 – enough said!



Cape Town station when South Africa was Lion Beer country. Remember Westminster 85 cigarettes?

[thanks, Chris]

The numbers on this Cape Odyssey log have jumped because I have been filing stuff under Ululapa – etc – it’s an African thing.

Anyway, last week was highlighted by a major party for the Badings (Aussie variety) given by the Lowe-Badings (South African variety) at Fogey’s in Muizenberg. All in town for the elder Badings’ 50th wedding anniversary. For those of you not familiar with Fogey’s. it’s perched on top of the Muizenberg station and is a typical ‘jawl’ place. not unlike the Canterbury Arms from the ‘old days’.

Well, the Badings clan took it over – and did they take it over. Gabi in the band, Stu as mine host, the folks, the cousins, the friends and, of course, Craig, Margo and the surrogate grandchildren (Tayla and Nic) – what excitement, emotion and a huge heap of fun. These old stagers got to bed closer to 2 than to 12.

The grandchildren have really grown up into super-cool :-

IMG 5733IMG 5734


IMG 5749


Margo looking a bit wide eyed – it has been a few years since she’s been back in CT. Nothing to do with the Sav Blanc, of course.

IMG 5744


How do you wipe the smile off my face? Not possible.

And, then then there was the esteemed MD of Ramsay Media – the inimitable Stu Lowe (and Gabi giving it stick on the mike alongside!)

IMG 5807

By the way the flare above Stu’s head is from the flash – not his follicle challenged top.

And, of course, putting in some time with the folks were Sam and Will

IMG 5742

Apart from the Badings celebration, there was lunch with the very Reverend Errol Gray (top of the world and retired as Croatian Ambassador) and a great evening with Sue, Mark, David and Wessie + appendages, children, dogs, food etc.

There’s one week left and then it’s off to Obamaland for two weeks and then back to Menerbes. Homesick? Yes!!


Simon and Lovonne

PS It would be remiss for me not to pay my respects to the end of Collingwood’s 2009 season – so near but so far, again!! Anyway, we say go 2010 Pies!!

Earlier this week I posted a story on two lions mating in the Sabi Sand.

Here’s a sequence taken the day before, where our lion and lioness feasted on a small buffalo.

The lion made sure that the lionesses – who caught the buffalo – ate as little as possible!

IMG 5536

Our boy

IMG 5538


I like buffalo

IMG 5541

When can I have some?

                                 An amazing sight during our recent trip to Ululapa was watching a female leopard teaching her 5-month old cub to acquire a taste for fresh meat.

She had caught a small warthog as the appetiser but the cub persisted in try to suckle on her mother.

However, firm discipline carried the day and the cub was last seen tucking happily into the nether regions of the warthog head.

IMG 5472


Cub trying to suckle


IMG 5473

No, you don’t little one!

IMG 5474

Cub – pissed off

IMG 5475

Try, try and try again – I love you Mommy!

IMG 5476

Now Mommy shows the warthog

IMG 5477

I’ll watch while you have a nibble

IMG 5478

Mother walks off as the cub starts to get down to work

IMG 5479

Hey, this is not too bad.

Bishops has just remodelled the Barry Heatlie Rugby Pavilion with the addition of more rooms and a grandstand.

Opened with ceremony during the recent OD vs School rugby matches, here are some pics which will get the memories flooding back.





Basil Bey and Tim Hamilton-Smith in front of the commemorative plaque.



Paul Dobson finds Richie Ryall’s picture of Basil Bey a laugh!

[for more on this story go to and click on Bishops Blue.

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