As promised, we have found out what happened to the new ATM in Menerbes (see post of yesterday):

Our friend Bart Hoorens reports:

“Unfortunately, 5 armed criminals attacked the ATM Saturday night at 4 a.m.
It took them only 10-15 minutes because they were very good equipped …. (they demolished the little house with a crane (on a special truck) and stole the money… )
Bad news for Ménerbes.”

At least the locals can’t blame the gypsies – or can they?


The damage.


Nothing like glamourising the loo!


It used to be that M.I.T (Mass. Institute of Technology) was filled with code-breakers. Part of the movie A Beautiful Mind takes place there and in real life it’s always had close ties with the military and intelligence agencies. Tech companies also like to recruit there, and Google is no exception.

In search of some beautiful minds, Google has been putting up signs around the M.I.T campus with a code that say, “If you can figure this out, you may have a future with Google.” If they crack the code, which is a fairly simple substitution cipher (or not), it reveals a phone number where they can leave their contact information.

So far, no M.I.T. students have been able to crack the code, or at least they haven’t bothered to leave a voicemail. Maybe they need some help. The first person to crack the code gets a TechCrunch T-shirt, or maybe a job at Google if you call the number and leave your name.

[source: Tech news]


Travel through the UK to-day and you are bombarded with the European heritage of all the great and glorious beers that the region produces, particularly in the premium beer segment (think Peroni, Carlsberg, etc etc).

Typically, CUB (Carlton and United Breweries) have moved away from the stream and produced this ad for Crown lager – an iconic premium beer in the penal colony.

A great tradition continues.

Even though we are not in Menerbes at present, our trusty spy has sent a pic of the new ATM machine/building.

Opened in glorious pomp and ceremony by our esteemed Mayor in July, the building housing the ATM has had an ‘oopsy’!

We are trying to find out what happened.. we’ll let you know!


[merci, JP]


Belinda Neal and Kevin Rudds local office. Have a look at sign on the window of the dry cleaners next door.

Here’s some more pics from Ululapa:

IMG 5691

IMG 5695

IMG 5550

IMG 5563

IMG 5556

IMG 5495

IMG 5485

On the hill behind is the Ululapa lodge

IMG 5708



World Sevens



Super 14



British and Irish Lions trophy




…we won’t rub it in: plus the World Cup, plus Mandela Plate; plus Freedom Cup

…and Bafana Bafana are 170th in the world and hosts for the FIFA World Cup!!



In the interests of impartiality, this is a picture of the Australian trophy cabinet:

Lost –

Rugby League World Cup
Rugby Union World Cup
International Rules Trophy
Tri Nations Trophy
Super-14 Trophy
Trans-Tasman Touch Football Trophy
Davis Cup
Hockey World Championship Trophy
Bledisloe Cup.
Ashes urn.

[thanks, Nick]


[for those not familiar with SA humour, Mrs Balls is an iconic chutney]

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