We motored down the Canadian Route 10 which became the US 1-91 South, through the border and back into New Hampshire and then across to Maine. We wanted to rekindle some old memories in Kennebunkport and found a delightful motel – the Sea Breeze.

Kennebunkport is a holiday haven for monied (mainly Republican) Americans and we arrived during the clean-up after the Columbus day long weekend.

Don’t let anyone tell you that the locals aren’t passionate about their sport. A gentle inquiry to the barman at the Hurricane restaurant about the progress of the Boston Red Sox in the play-offs resulted in a hour long rant by the entire pub about how bad they are. However, the story had a happy ending because losing to the Phoenix Angels was better than being beaten by the New York Yankees we found – shades of Collingwood preferring to lose to Geelong rather than Carlton!

The next morning was a rainy trip south through Boston and on to the Cape. It had been over four years since we had last been in Chatham and it was good to be back.

Familiar sights, sounds, smells and.. the Squire!

Erica’s apartment is as delightful as ever and we had a ball. Much like trophies, we were taken to meet and be met by a multitude of local friends and to renew old acquaintances.

IMG 6207


[Autumn flowers in Chatham Main Street]

Friday night was Squire night with ‘Total Stranger’s’ playing – a grouping of ex-Chatham High students (long, long ago). Much socialising, laughter and seeing Erica in her natural habitat. And Jamie in full flight.

Then it was time for the soiree – a now traditional gathering when all of E’s mates come around to the apartment and much merriment takes place. What had been mooted as a ‘bring a plate’ affair turned into a gourmet explosion.

Pictures tell the tale –

IMG 6209



[Old mates together again – Erica (centre) with Timmy and his delightful wife, Alysha]

IMG 6211



[Larger than life itself – the one and only Jamile]



IMG 6224



[E; Barb (she’s the bank manager!) and Mary]



IMG 6218



[Terry, Marge, Nat and Walter carouse in the kitchen]

A good time was had by all.

A quiet day on Sunday and then Monday saw another trip to Fedex and the US Postal Service and off to Logan Airport we went to challenge BA with luggage and a trip to Heathrow.

Thanks Chatham – it was great being back.

Lovonne and Simon xx


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