We’ve just taken delivery of our first Anduze pots – something that Madame has wanted for many years. The collection started with the arrival of the white Anduze pot (interior) which was a birthday present from Jean-Pierre, Genevieve, Robert and Sylvie.

The first Vases’ d ‘Anduze appeared in the sixteenth century. During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries these large vases appeared only in the gardens of the French landed gentry. However in the nineteenth century, the wealthy families of the local silk merchants in the Anduze region began planning attractive gardens and adopted the orange tree, which was previously only seen in the royal glasshouses. The orange trees were planted in Anduze vases as the trees would need to be protected from frost in the winter, and brought inside. As a result they quickly became popular throughout the region.

black webjpg 1809 anduze vase[1]

[an Anduze pot circa 1800]

Legend has it that a potter from Anduze in the Cevennes region of southern France was inspired by Italian medici vases which he saw at the fair of Beaucaire. These pots were decorated with garlands, fruit and flowers.

The Anduze Vase has not always had an easy life:- although intended to be brought indoors for the winter, they were often forgotten and left out in the garden. They survived the winter with their elegance intact, but the glaze was often seriously flaked & cracked by the frost. This gave a marvellous patina which is recreated today by the families of those original potters, in the form of the antiqued vase d’Anduze, where the vase is aged to appear hundreds of years old. Alternatively the potters are still making the original drip glazed vase d’Anduze of the seventeenth century, “aux coulers de soleil”.

Off the Touran went to Anduze – pot hunting. We discovered a family business on the outskirts of the town and after the young son (about 30) had waggled his eyelashes at Madame, we had purchased one large pot and one small one.

We tried to establish whether we could fit the larger one into the boot of the Touran – no, too heavy. So, free delivery (if we bought two large ones!) was negotiated.

Great. Delivery date arrived – so did a small Renault complete with owner, his wife, the dog, two large pots and as our order had swelled via the email, three small pots

IMG 7062

IMG 7063

[please note the dog]

As the manufacturer and his wife were doing the delivery themselves, and Menerbes is obviously a posh place to come to, they were dressed to the nines.

IMG 7061


[ready for a bit of delivery action]

The small pots have been placed up the front steps of Maison Blanc and the large ones will form part of a spring project – the front area. I hear whispers of cypresses, boxsters, and fountains. No doubt, Gilles will arrive at some time, there will be a hive of activity and photographs will be released.

Until we get the nod, we watch and wait.


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