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What better way to start this week’s post? A poppy field at the bottom of the Menerbes hill. We fall in love with nature each and every day.

The pool is in full swing as a generation of Bishops boys visit nearby L’Isle sur l’Sorgue for a wedding and pop in over a few days to enjoy the rose, sun and a rapidly warming pool.

IMG 8832

[Emma and Sam (right) enjoying the local rose at the pool]

Also popping in was Francis and Veronika Schnetzler to visit Will and Sam. Francis brought Menerbes to a standstill with his new Mc Laren Mercedes car – one of only 80 made in the world. We were very happy to have it parked in our driveway making the poor Touran look exceptionally poor by comparison.

IMG 8850

[Swiss rego plates – naturally]

IMG 8838

[A bunch of serious admirers – Richard, yours truly, Will and Gilles. Emma peeping out from behind]

IMG 8849

[Francis returning the bonnet to its usual position after an inspection. The builder of each engine autographs the cowling!]

The ever lengthening days have quite an effect on the visitors. Combining the sun, the rose, a few fags, great food and the holiday atmosphere : what more of a tonic than dancing?

IMG 8888

[Mother dearest (right) leading Sam and Emma in a version of Zorba’s dance]

We braved the Mistral to visit the St Remy market only to find this entertaining sight – cleaning the Hotel de Ville under the watchful patronage of You know Who.

IMG 8788

Gilles and Julian arrived on Thursday with a ‘cherry picker’ of note. The mission was to finally trim down all the cypress trees to repair the snow damage from January and March. The tops were then lopped off for a snazzy look.

IMG 8799

Will took the opportunity to climb into the cherry picker and take a few aerial shots. They’ll be great on the and sites.

IMG 8827

The jet setters have slipped easily into the Luberon way of life. Here they are at the little restaurant at L’Isle sur l’Sorgue we patronise – Le Petit Jardin.

IMG 8996

The boys had a major disappointment with the Super 14 rugby semi-finals as Sky pulled the plug on the proposed screening and instead forced us to watch the Heineken Cup final instead – this is what two Stormers supporters thought about that.

IMG 8905

Oh! Madame has a new phone to accompany her new Orange contract. It’s touch screen and very flash. Will has set it up all for here seems more interested in sampling the saucissons on display.

IMG 8911

Au bientot – Lovonne and Simon xx


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