We dived deep into the week with a now traditional visit to the Barnyard Theatre with the Kilners.

The featured show was “Rock on Beethoven” and, to coin a phrase, a good time was had by all. Charles had booked the front row table so we were able to be up close and personal with the artists and a delectable electric violin and blond saxophonist. Charles had his red wine nicked by the rasta Bob Marley look alike – probably served him right with his singalong rendition of Red Red Wine.

IMG 2652

[The Kilner party feasting – where would a picnic supper be without mother-in-law’s meat balls and coronation chicken]

Various labour commitments kept the frivolities to a minimum until Madame and yours truly decided to become tourists and move across the mountain to Kalk Bay. On Charles’ recommendation we went to Live Bait – a bistro style cafe overlooking the Kalk Bay breakwater.

What a great recommendation! Better than his singing.

IMG 0177

The ‘winter special’ – mussels, prawns, line fish with savoury rice and peri-peri sauce. All for a princely R50!

We also discovered the Pierre Jourdan Tranquille – a light, low in alcohol rose : probably the closest to a Luberon rose we have found in CT.

While a Southern Right whale breached and frolicked on the one side of the breakwater we watched with a high degree of amusement at a crane trying to lift the cowling off a buggered fishing trawler. Technical problems abounded as the fishermen had not loosened it from the deck. The result was a few smacks with the axe which did not work and then they all left for another day!

IMG 0182

Suitable fortified by Pierre Jourdan, we decided to find a fish for Friday night’s dinner. We met a ‘tamed’,’trained’ seal who comes and hounds the fisherwomen when they are cleaning the fish for snacks. He bounds out of the water and then snaps until he gets his fill!

IMG 0188

Here I come………

IMG 0191

Don’t I look sweet! Leave him alone, you’ll not win this one.

IMG 0199

We selected a Red Roman (that’s the fish on the left). Madame felt it important to have her picture taken for posterity.

IMG 0202

R10 gets you a freshly filleted fish!

We watched a number of trawlers coming in from False Bay. However, it was one of their cars that caught the eye.

IMG 0203

IMG 0204

Lovely sight of the bokkoms hanging above the fish stalls. Bokkoms are Harders (Mullet) that are salted, then strung into bunches and hung up to dry. They are unique to the Western Cape and visitor should leave before trying them out. Fish biltong is a good alternative description.

Friday was the last day of the Cordon Bleu baking course at Silwood Kitchen.

Once again, the car had that delectable whiff of fresh bread: what a feast came back to the Safehouse.

IMG 0214

[Kitka bread ready for the oven. Impressive twirls.]

IMG 0218

[The finished Kitka product – chef is very proud.]


IMG 0220

[A still life of the Kitka and some Rich rolls – try the latter with ham, cheese, tomato and a slash of marmite!]

IMG 0221

[The class – proudly showing off their certificates. Watch out Menerbes.]

On Saturday evening we gathered at the Bothas along with the Lowes famille and Will to sup after the rugby. Sue’s signature Beef Wellington was on the menu. It gets better all the time!



[The dinner team – Well done Suzi and Mark – a great evening, superbly hosted]

Totsiens – Lovonne and Simon xx


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