Planting, gardening, clipping, cleaning, raking, preparing. That’s the menu in the Luberon this past week. The wineries have bottled their 2011 vintage and the farmers are also now out in the vineyards making sure that everything is ready for the growing season. The almond (first) blossoms are out and the cherries are starting to provide their spectacular show.

The new terrasse at Maison Olive



We made some panting changes at Bastide les Amis in the front. The baby olive trees have moved to the terrasse.


The daffodils are out!


It's been a bit hazy - here's Menerbes standing proud in the evening dusk


Sunday was the traditional Maubec Spring Flower Show and lived up to its usual high standards. The local community came out in droves and the weather played ball – no Mistral, only warming sunshine and plenty of colour.


The medieval village of Maubec gazes down on the flower show



Maubec Spring Flower Market


Maubec - seen on the left our friends, Duncan and Regine


A long view of the Maubec Flower market

More of this colour to come ……

Au bientot: Lovonne and Simon xx


Almond tree in full blossom next to a cabanon on the road towards Menerbes in the Golden Triangle of the Luberon, Provence

 Another massage we have just received:

“absolutely love the Footsteps book produced by you and Simon.   Must have taken a lot of research and experience and the photos are beautiful.  Its the perfect practical guide for anyone visiting the area  and the history is fascinating.   For me it brings back the lovely memories of our holiday!”


Footsteps – a unique meander through the Luberon region of Provence, France. Take it with you or read it to prepare yourself for the holiday of a lifetime. Some history, some sights, some arts, some culture and plenty of joie de vivre!


Available from as a printed copy or download through the kindle app for Kindles, iPads, etc.


Written and Photographed by Luberon residents, Simon and Lovonne Burrow

Here’s a delightful chap we found at the Maubec Flower Market on Sunday – he belonged to the stall owner and found that camouflaging himself behind the merchandise was a great spot to watch the world go by:





Springtime flowers at Bastide les Amis, Menerbes, Luberon.

We all know how difficult it is in planes these days with the cramped conditions (economy of course!). Now some clever people have invented the Knee Defender. Here’s the ad:








The Knee Defender helps you stop reclining seats on airplanes so your knees won’t have to.

And with its new design, this clever gadget looks cool, too.


Knee Defender™ is a unique 
travel accessory – a special favorite of tall frequent fliers.

Knee Defender™ is also valued by airline passengers with small children, “road warriors” who need to work while flying, and any traveler who simply does not like being hit by a reclining airplane seat.

We all like legroom when we fly, but as airlines have reduced legroom the reclining-seat problem has gotten worse – less legroom, more encounters with seatbacks.

Knee Defender™ has been featured by 100s of newspapers, magazines, and TV and radio shows around the world – selecting it as an effective and even essential product from the large pool of available travel gadgets.

  • “Must-have travel gadget.” 
USA Today
  • “If the guy won’t compromise, whip out your Knee Defender.” 
– Washington Post
  • “As devious as it is ingenious.”
 Condé Nast Traveler
  • “These little beauties work! … Definitely made my time at 36,000 feet more comfortable and more productive.”
– Travelocity, Amy Ziff

With Knee Defender™ you can now use a simple, convenient, pocket-sized device to help defend against most flying seatbacks. And Knee Defenders™ are adjustable, to help provide only as much protection as you need.

Standing up for the right of the tall guy to sit down.” — since 2003

What the ad does not say is that the Knee DEfender comes with a small card which you can show to your fellow passenger who is sitting in front of you and trying to crush your knees – “Please do not tilt your seat back as I have very fragile knees and I have to use this gadget to protect them.”

How to get them? Simply google – ‘knee defender’.


Smokey-Bleu, our little feral cat is expecting. She waddles to her twice daily diet of pellets and milk.

Now that it’s spring, it’s worth looking at one of the icons of the Provençal market – the poulet roti vendor. Here’s our favourite at L’Isle sur l’Sorgue.



François Faverot (left) of Domaine Faverot and YT discussing the latest vintage!

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