Eglise St Luc, Menerbes, Provence – phot taken from the cherry orchards




Cliffside in Menerbes


The approach to Abbaye de Senanque, near Gordes


Under Pont Julien bridge, near Apt and Bonnieux.


Marquis de Sade’s ruined castle in the village of Lacoste



Livingstylishlywell is now writing a weekly column for Africa’s second largest website –, which has not re-launched as 2Oceansvibe News. To access, click here. We’ll be reproducing the articles on LSW.

Here’s the first:

“When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes & all your money. Then take half the clothes & twice the money.”

In this day and age of every airline in the world looking for ‘added value’, this quote could not be truer.

It’s coming into Northern Hemisphere high season and many people are either embarking on the overseas ‘trip of a lifetime’ or planning for that end of year skiing holiday or heading off to warmer Southern Hemisphere climes.

Gone are the days of only the Flying Springbok or the Union Jack taking you off to Europe. Now we have a bewildering array of foreign airlines touting for your hard earned cash.

Who do you choose? If you go to a travel agent, you may find that the person behind the computer knows the airline reservation system, but has very little actual travelling experience! Or, if you’re like us, you prefer to do it yourself online. The airlines are slugging it out for your custom and reducing their fares accordingly. However, beware: to quote Michael O’Leary of Ryanair, “we’re only interested if our customers have a credit card and a pulse”. The pioneers of ‘added value” (ie how much more can we get out of a passenger than the actual flight ticket), have now been copied by all the airlines.

Now we have a laundry list of added charges – baggage; additional bags; hand luggage; priority boarding; emergency exits; food; drinks; duty free you name it. As the world’s most profitable airline Ryanair have it down to a fine art – they even tried to charge for using the toilet but were stopped by the International Aviation authorities (IATA). So, what do they do? They keep you trapped under your seat belt after takeoff to sell you drinks, food, scratch cards, duty free. This is spun out until 15 minutes before you start to descend. A quick quarter-hour to stretch and ‘maybe’ use the toilet, then its time to retreat to your seat belt for the descent. Solution – clean toilets, less cleaning, more money.

The message? When you book, check very carefully the baggage restrictions and charges; do NOT try and busk the hand luggage restrictions; arrive early; smile sweetly; do not argue with the check in chicks (we know of people being thrown off planes for swearing at the check-in, they’re now the people who board you as well!).


Get into a zone………. Fly well.


Panoramic of the ochre cliffs in Roussillon, Luberon, Provence




Note the different colours in the cliff strata








Recently ,we had two families staying in Maison Olive and they proved themselves to be very handy with the camera. They supplied us with some stunning shots of their week and we thought it might be fun to publish them and also as an indicator of ‘things to do and see’ which all add up to a memorable holiday visit!

Where all good ideas hatch – around the pool at Bastide les Amis


Step right back into medieval times at Oppede-le-Vieux


The Baron of Oppede’s ruined castle in Oppede-le-Vieux








Pictures: The Inspector

Poppies etc….Luberon Velley, Povence

New archway at Bastide les Amis. Waiting for Madame to decide on the adornment.


Add a few year’s weathering to a Greek statuette bought in the Plaka and you get an almost authentic artefact. In the Bastide les Amis garden.

The continuing story of Gordos and Gultha…




This is their ‘daybed’ in the garden

Seen in Loutmarin

Sometimes there is a picture which can’t wait for chronology. On Sunday we went to Fairview with the Botha clan and the Boss goat was in top form.

Pic: Suzi B:


Agapanthus leaf anyone!


At this time of the year, the foliage in the orchards is so dense that sometimes it is difficult to see Menerbes peeping out from the hilltop.

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