Sometimes it’s for real – a rainbow near to Camps Bay looking at the Twelve Apostles, shrouded in cloud as it has been for the Cape’s wettest winter since 1979.

Some additional pics….


Yours Truly, Sam and Will – post lunch (and shop purchases!)



No feature on Babylonstoren would be complete without a foodie shot – this time, a succulent fillet steak topped with apples and pears, and a heavenly sauce. Accompanied by thick cut wedge chips and some greens.


Even the bottled water has a stylish display

Back in Cape Town – we revisited Babylonstoren to see how the gardens have grown, visited the new Glass House and feasted – again – on some fine Cape cuisine. The verdict? Still good!


Part of the 3ha Babylonstoren garden


Water runs through the gardens via ‘leiwater sloots’ – the traditional way of flooding beds


The newly opened Glass House tea garden and herbarium


Anther section of the Glass House



Mid courses during lunch, it is traditional to walk the gardens – it’s evident here that some serious discussion is going down.

Domaine de La Canorgue near to Bonnieux has beautiful gardens in addition to being the location for the movie “A Good Year” and a great winery.





More pics from the crypts:







Michael O’Leary of Ryanair – the world’s most profitable airline – says that Ryanair does three things well, no more, no less: “We arrive and leave on time; we give good fares (read competitive); we do not lose your bags”. It’s a winning formula!

Simple? Not really.

When planning your flights for an overseas trip, or even a local one, there is always the toss-up: regular flights, price, baggage allowances, price, airport location, flexibility, price and more price.

So – do you choose one of the so-called ‘legacy’ carriers or a ‘low cost’ operator? Legacy carriers are mostly those carrying a country flag (SAA, BA, Qantas, AA and Cathay to name a few). Low cost are the Ryanairs, 1Time, Easy Jets of this world.

The answer… check them both out. And, don’t necessarily marry yourself to one carrier for the whole trip. Here’s an example: Cape Town to Marseille in France. We’ve found that often the best, cheapest, most flexible option is – Cape Town to London (BA), bus from Heathrow in London to Gatwick airport, Easy Jet to Marseille. But then you must factor in the bus trip, the differences in the baggage allowances. There are many more examples like that. If you’re booking online, do the comparisons – a great site is If you’re visiting a Travel Agent, do the comparisons yourself first and don’t take what their computer dishes out for you.

Many people only look at the actual airfares. Don’t! Always factor in the taxi/bus/train connections; the baggage allowances; the distances to and from the airports (many low cost airlines use regional airports – for example, Southampton for Flybe, Paris Beauvais for Ryanair and Kulula use Lanseria for some of their flights. Tot up your sums and then make your decision – legacy, low cost or a combo.

Happy flying!

This article appeared first on LSW is a columnist on the site.

We have a link with the Apt Cathedral – our sarcopage at the Bastide harks back to Saint Castor. Madame took the Beales for a visit to Apt Cathedral, especilly as we had been told that the crypt goes down two levels to other hidden buildings, all going back to Roman times. Apt is not a great tourist town, but has mny higgen gems. The Cathedral is one of them.





Palais de Papes, Avignon


Vineyards near Avignon, looking over the mighty Rhone River


A cloudy day in the Leberon Valley

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