Seen in Forqualcier

The ‘modern’ Town Square of Forqualcier


A pretty entrance ot the Hotel de Ville with a large ornate cinema complex next door


Bistros surround the square



A well kept Church just off the Town Square. Rebuilt in the 17th Century after being destroyed in past conflicts



Beautiful stained glass windows abound





When you reach the top, there is the smallish Notre Dame and a memorial to a few Saints. Around the corner from the Church entrance (unfortunately closed when we were there) we found a tiny chapel chiselled into the mountainside with stone benches and a glorious view..

The Notre Dame de Provence




The view from he tiny chapel


A rudimentary altar



New entrance to a garden being built on a leading Menerbian’s property. Pure Provence.


The road down from the Dora Maar House, Menerbes

You’ve had lunch. you’ve wandered around the old village ad waited patiently for the shopping. Now gird your loins and hike up to the top of the hill – to the Notre Dame de Provence. It’s a beautiful hike but worth it with a great view at the end of it all and atmospheric twists and turns throughout the lactic acid inducing climb.


Here we go – up from the village


Stop for bit of scenery/history/rest



on and on you go…..


There are numerous little artefacts along the walk to keep your interest up


onwards and upwards. Lactic now.


The top! The View! Worth it!

Place de l’Horloge, Menerbes, Luberon


Medieval house butting on to the Hotel de Ville, Menerbes

A smallish village with the medieval ville adjacent to a more modern one. The ‘modern’ one (not by Southern Hemisphere standards!), has a great square ringed by a beautiful Hotel de Ville and numerous bistros and restaurants – definitely a place to pop back to in the Spring. Some nice decor shops as well – Madame sneaked in a purchase from Les 3 Lions (shelves for the many spices which inhabit the pantry).

The Town Crest


The approach to the Village. That’s the Notre Dame Church on top of the hill – more about that climb later!



A little square as you enter the old village


Soem funky shops


Pure Provence!


There are many well-restored signs around the old village


Every French village needs a good chocolate shop!


An entrance off the Town Square – note the small staircase inside going up to the residental areas


A pottery shop – interesting way of merchandising




Little garden gate in Forqualcier





Hands up those who believe that joining an airline’s Frequent Flyer (FF) programme is a waste of time! You hear so many reasons why people are turning down free flights, lounge access, priority boarding, upgrades, additional baggage allowances etc.

Why? Are people inherently so suspicious, or couldn’t be bothered? Let’s have a look at the myths and the FACTS.

MYTH: You have to have a credit card to belong to a FF programme.

FACT: Nonsense. All of them are free and can be optionally linked to your existing credit card/s.

MYTH: I don’t fly with the same airline each time, so it’s a waste of time.

FACT: Nonsense. The FF programmes are all for a grouping of airlines, not one single one. For example, One World Alliance has British Airways; Qantas; American Airlines, Iberia, Finnair, Cathay Pacific, Air Berlin, Japan Airlines, Royal Jordanian, and LAN Chile. You join the programme, not the airline! Star Alliance and Sky team have similar groupings.

MYTH: I get nothing out of them.

FACT: Then you have not tried! All the programmes work on Air miles (ie that you collect for air trips or through your credit card/car hire etc) and Status Credits (these are given for sectors travelled and class of travel). It’s the Status Credits that gets you the free-bees. Yes, it is true that there are only certain seats allocated to FF free flights on a flight, but the trick is to book 11 months before you fly and then you have the pick – airlines open bookings 11 months before the flight takes off!

Professor John Deighton of Harvard University and world authority on Customer Relationship Management (which is what FF prgrammes are called in the academic world) puts it like this: “I love it when the check-in lady recognises me by name; I get a little nod and a wink when I’m 3kg overweight and do not have to pay; I skip the economy queue and go to the Business Class check-in with my family; I get my favourite seat; I’m allowed to board the plane first (that means I get first option on cabin luggage space); I get upgrades when I’m least expecting them and generally I feel that I belong”.


Now, is that so bad?

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