Little spring flowers nestling next to a tree on a patio/terrace

We’re great fans of religious artefacts which are in abundance in Provence. Here are some iron crosses we spotted in the Grand Luberon.

It is well nigh impossible to write objectively about your favourite restaurant. Superb food, impeccable service and friendly ambience all combine to make Cafe Verandah in Menerbes our absolute favourite. In fact, we seem to measure our lives in terms of ‘when is the next lunch at “the Veranda”?’.

The latest Michelin Guide (2013)  and Mobile App. gives the Veranda five stars for quality, service and food – all voted by patrons. To access the App, Click here


After much secrecy and smiles, the proprietors closed the restaurant for two weeks and re-opened recently. A brand new look, developed in conjunction with well-known Menerbes decorator and shop owner, Sacha.

The result? Modern, elegant, stylish, friendly and chic – much like the food and reflecting the personalities of the owners. The boutique section of the restaurant has also been revamped and restocked with new merchandise. After a few roses, we can see many patrons adding a few objets to their bills.

The Menus have all been revamped and updated. Fortunately, for those of us who are slaves to a long French lunch in  preference to a dinner, they have not changed the ‘Bistrot’ concept where you can eat affordably and well. In the evening, chef-proprietor Hubert says “the cooking is more creative”. You choose!

Head Chef and co-proprietor Hubert in one of the sepia prints carefully positioned in the restaurant decor

And the new decor……….


A revamped boutique section along one wall, next to the fireplace. White has been introduced on the tables, glassware has moved from the colourful to classic.


An elegant bench placed in the corner and new lighting



Long view of the restaurant with the open style kitchen on the left


We loved the rhinocerous statuette!


Photo time – main chefs Graça and Hubert in front of the new bar/reception area

For bookings at the Cafe Verandah, click here or telephone +33 4 90 72 33 33. The web site gives the opening times, but usually they are Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and Tuesday to Saturday for dinner.




An atmospheric door in Menerbes. A surprising little religious icon up on the left hand side. Always something to look at.

Baby irises are peeping their heads out



Looking over at the ‘Lacoste’ valley near Menerbes -early morning



It’s time for the moss to start disappearing – until next winter.

Menerbes in the Luberon Valley, Provence


The Luberon Valley with the Menerbes Citadelle on the left, home of the von Stahl family

Stuttering into view, comes Spring…..

The Dora Maar House, home of Picasso’s lover for many years and now a haven for artists and poets, with the Menerbes Town Clock in the background.


Part of a very famous garden in Menerbes – seen in many coffee table books on Provençal gardens

We haven’t done of these for a long time. The XIVth Century Eglise de St Luc in Menerbes in the Luberon, has had some rough times over the past few years with rain damage and crumbling surfaces. An injection of considerable funds from the Heritage Foundation in Avignon has seen major works being undertaken to rescue and restore the beautiful Church to its former glory. Paintings have been sent back to Avignon (again) for restoring and a completely new stone roof is being laid. This is highly specialised work and we marvel at the artisans’ expertise

The locals are following the work with interest.


Many people from around the world remark that the French people do not seem to ‘care’ about the outside of their houses, and allow the exterior to lose it’s freshly painted and cared for exterior. There’s a semblance of truth there because the philosophy is that ‘you wear your wealth inside’. The French are practical, pragmatic and in the main, frugal. Paitning the outside of your house when you can be spending money inside and at the back away from prying eyes, makes more sense.

Here’s a beautiful house in Menerbes, living up to the mantra.

However, let’s face it, this has a certain charm of its own.

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