Always a favourite on LSW. We’re back! For the next few posts, we’ll treat you to some of the amazing sightings we were privileged to see. Keep watching this space!


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Next door to Vitznau is a great vintage hotel. Looks posh!


It’s so beautiful – could not resist another shot of Lake Lucerne from the funicular


And, finally, when you reach the bottom at Vitznau, there is a real authentic vintage station complete with a turntable to flip the funicular around for the next journey. All in all a not to be missed, experience.

The Swiss people are so industrious. Here we found a couple raking and cutting the grass near to the railway line. Here’s the man…..


….and the wife


Lake Lucerne comes into view and nestling below, Vitznau.


On little station platforms along the way, we spotted some stuffed animals, lending a quirky feel to the trip


And another one!

There are many little houses along the route supplying light refreshments to the many hikers


A little hillock


Cows waiting for their mid-day meal



The downhill is steep. Note the middle cogwheel line to hold the train back from hurtling down the slope.


The other train on the way up

The giant radio and telecommunications tower at the top – you can climb half-way up if you feel so inclined!


The spring flowers up there were beautiful


The little funicular train for the way down to Vitznau has an open back. We nabbed the back seats.


We ate at the hotel/restaurant at the top. Buffet style, it was filling, not that tasty!


When you leave the station, the Art-Golthau one is next door to you.

The Mount Rigi funicular wait at the Arth-Goldau station


We had been told by a Swiss couple that we had met that we ‘must’ go up Mount Rigi and do a round tour of the area via funicular, bus and train. Easy to say, but how to do it!

Unusually for the Swiss, the websites were a bit confusing and so research became a bit cloudy. One of our mantras when we travel is to try not to back-track on our steps but to see something new on the way there and on the way back. Our meanderings around the web showed us that we should start at Arth-Goldau and then take it from there.

Wit hthe help of a great lady dressed in a SWiss Railway uniform and armed with a ticket machine, we found out a route.

This is how it works – when you approach Arth-Goldau watch out for the Swissbahn (railway signs) and then head towards the ‘Rigi’ signs – a separate station. When you book your ticket, ask for your parking ticket as well, as there is a special parking area for the Rigi passengers.

Our selected route: Arth-Goldau to Mount Rigi summit by funicular train (40 minutes) called RigiKulm; then take another funicular from Mount Rigi summit down the other side of the mountain to Vitznau. Then walk out of the station across the road and take the Brunnen bus. This 40 minute bus trip to the Brunnen Station, takes you all along the banks of Lake Lucerne (this area is called colloquially the ‘Lucerne Riviera’.

At the station, jump aboard the Alt-Golthau express which is the Zug-bound train, and 10 minutes later you’ll be at your car.

A great day out.

The Church near to the Alt-Golthau station


Going up – glorious countryside



The Rigi Kulm station is about 100 metres from the top, surrounded by many chaelts and retaurants. A short walk (uphill) and you’re there.


View from the top




Seen in St Gallen

The courtyard at St Gallen Abbey


Within the St Gallen Cathedral precinct you will find the Abbey and its magnificent buildings. Housed in the library is one of the largest collections of Illuminated Manuscripts, dating back to 1215, in the world. Over 200 hand written and illustrated editions are on display and used by scholars and researchers alike to this day. In addition, the library houses over 200,000 ancient books making it a magnet for academics.

The public are allowed to enter into the sterile main area, taking off your shoes and padding around in large Swiss slippers (think clogs but in felt!!). One of the other attractions is an Egyptian Mummy purloined from Egypt in the 15th Century and dating back to 1,500BC. All very amazing and humbling.

Inside the St Gallen Cathedral


The Cathedral and Abbey are full of ornate sculptures and wood carvings


The Cathedral Altar




This was our first Mummy!

The choir stalls


St Gallen is right on the eastern side of Switzerland (Swiss German) and consequently is one of the most ‘German’ of Swiss cities. The old city is very beautiful and characterised by over 100 ‘windows’ or extended rooms which jut out into the street on the first floor above you and you troll along the busy lanes and streets.The area is totally pedestrican and chock a block full of shops, restaurants and bars.




The imposing Abbey Cathedral in St Gallen. More to come….

Very unusual! Accompanying some pilgrims at Einsideln Abbey.

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