Millions of words have been written about the dire situation with regard to rhino poaching, especially in South Africa. While not as bad a neighbouring Kruger National Park, the Sabi Sand Game Reserve is also affected. Anti-poaching squads patrol the Reserve and a helicopter seems to be permanently overhead. On the ground, Rangers may not point out to colleagues where the rhino are, so sightings are now extremely rare.

We were lucky – we saw one, calmly grazing. Themba and Solly are, quite rightly, passionately angry about the poaching situation but what really mystified was what the authorities seem to be excluding the Rangers from all communication. To us, it seemed as if the operation was not totally co-ordinated. And it’s the rhinos who suffer.

Stop this madness!

More pictures of ‘our’ cheetah.




It was our last morning and Themba had one of his extra special ‘surprises’ for us – a Cheetah.



We have been going to Ulu-Lapa and The Sabi Sand Game Reserve for many years. 19 in all to Ulu-Lapa and an earlier visit to Ulusaba and Motswari ni the Timbavati. The times that we have seen a cheetah are few and far between.

An incredible machine, the cheetah can go from 0=96 kph in 1.5 seconds but they can only run at that high speed for about 200-300 metres as their bodies overheat. They are very sensitive animals and many die from stress.

We had a lovely little cameo from our cheetah – marking her territory.


Always checking out for any danger


Here we go




Back on the move again

We caught up with the pack of wild dogs who had left their off-spring in the hide and started to move and find food to bring back to the babies. Always communicating, they move through the bush like a well-oiled machine.

Preparation and Communication, or in military speak, Command and Control.



Starting to move with meaning


In true military tradition, there is always a point dog at the back of the pack acting as a ‘stopper’ if the prey escapes.

The dead civet cat up the tree


Thema spotted a dead civet cat up a tree. It could only be a leopard kill. So where was the leopard? Should be close bu. But, what we did not bargain on was the leopard was being closely watched by a hyena. When the leopard went up the tree for a snack, and dropped the cat, whap! the hyena would have supper.

It’s a waiting game.

The leopard rests before tackling her supper


The hyena waits patiently for the leopard to go up the tree and drop her prey


Another sunset view of the dead prey.

A scene that Investec Bank would pay millions for to use as an ad! We spotted some Zebra playing ‘I’m the King of the Castle’.

Note the others wanting to get up on top.



He’s not quite the King of the Jungle, but thinks that he is!

Even the dry trees have an ethereal beauty about them




Nyala ewes


We see them at sunrise and we see them at sunset – the elephants. always fun to watch – even though one of our crew doesn’t feel entirely comfortable with them, so Themba keeps a ‘safe’distance. However, how you can be ‘safe’ when an elephant loses his temper, I’m not sure!





Le Bebe


So elegant and mysterious. The Giraffe.

In the morning……….


…………in the evening

Can it get any better? Sunset in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve


Sunset over a water hole


Ulu Lapa looking up at the camp


A baby Steenbok watches us inquisitively

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