Menerbes is listed as One of the Most Beautiful Villages in France ‘Premier Classe’. And, we as residents, are justifiably proud of that. Many neighbouring villagers tend to sneer, “Menerbes is boring”. We love that! The more people talk about our peace, tranquility, heritage, buildings, history and ambience – we love it!

As autumn heralds the chilly winter, here are a few new innovations and events happening in Menerbes.

Menerbes – as the vines start to turn.


Our Church – Eglise St Luc – has been extensively refurbished on the outside by the clever folk from Avignon. Now, they are turning their attention to the inside and reviving some ancient frescoes.


Our new Bakery! Delices de David. It has long been lamented that you cannot get a ‘good croissant’ in Menerbes. Now, you can! Plus the rest – to quote our new baker David, ‘le concept totale’.


David’s baguettes are superb!


The sundial in the Village Square basks in the autumn sunshine. What’s behind the shutters, we ask?


Our Mairie has also launched a new website – have a peep, click here.

Looking for accommodation in Menerbes. Click here for the only Trip Adviser 5-star holiday rental in Menerbes, Maison Olive.

An amazing collation of square stones in various natural colours.


The Recital Pavilion


Chateau La Coste

As promised, more artworks…..

Cut glass




We loved the little Chapel which has been restored and encased in glass and steel.


Murano glass, no less.


Foxes, designed and made by the lead singer of REM


Statue in one of the water features at the Visitors’ Centre.


“Chateau La Coste, a must”, said our friend Linda. As a point of clarification, this is not the Chateau de Marquis de Sade in nearby Lacoste – owned by Pierre Cardin. This is a Chteau La Coste wine domaine, art and sculpture heaven and a great restaurant, close to Pertuis in the Grand Luberon area.

Owned and financed by an Irish gentleman and managed by his sister (according to the web site), this is a wine estate with a serious twist – art and architecture combine throughout the property. THere are 200ha in total – 120ha for vines (the rose is not bad at all!) and the balance devoted to artworks, sculptures, buildings and a recital pavilion. All designed by some of the world’s greatest artists, sculptors and architects.

We took the tour – they are in English and French – if you want the English one, take the 10h30 tour, two hours of entrancing information and then you pop off to lunch. After lunch, a little walk through thee other areas you have not visited yet, makes for a welcome digestif.

The restaurant is good. Affordable, but classy. Great service, food is well presented and cooked. The ambience – yep, world class!


The Spider sculpture – Visitors’ Centre


Grass lawns abound near the Visitors’ Centre.

Recreated Roman bridge over the culvert

Another bridge – simple lines, all with meaning.

Truly world-class.

For more information, click here.

Many more pictures to come……… this afternoon……..



The finest raw ingredients from the markets.


Understandingly, Madame is gaining quite a reputation for her fine cooking.

Here’s a little Autumn luncheon party…

Autumn colours predominate


The starters – twice baked gruyere souffles.


Served with a delicious parmesan-laced sauce and some roasted pears.


Main course – chicken curry and a vegetable curry – Cape Malay style. Served with an Aussie McIvor wine from Victoria.

The French language has a wonderful way of making events sound much more dramatic than they really are when expressed in English. When something goes wrong, big or small, it’s a ‘catastrophe’. So it was, in the dead of the night, that a gang, allegedly from Marseille, arrived at the sole Menerbes ATM.

High pressure hoses pushed gas into the building housing the machine and, POP! The roof nearly lifted off and the ATM popped out.

This was he second heist, to our Menerbes ATM. Now, the bank seems to have lost its sense of humour and the local gossip is that we won’t have another one!!.

The gang visited nearby L’Isle sur la Sorgue and Cadenet the same night. Same plan, same result.

Security cameras, bollards – nothing could prevent the gas from lifting the roof.


The ATM hole has been welded shit with metal. Catastrophe.




We spotted these two on an excursion to Beaucaire


Local, fresh produce at the Coustellet market

Worm, reclining on a vintage vine


Lunch, please!

Autumn 2013 Clothing Offer – Lourmarin market Grand Luberon




Spot of charcuterie

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