Greyton is a small village in the Overberg region with a permanent population of about 1,000 – swelling by almost four times that amount over weekends as Capetonians come out to their weekend cottages. An interesting statistic is that about 20% of the permanents hail fom the UK and have retired in Greyton. So much so, that the local grocer has special spot for such essentials as ‘Yorkshire pudding mix’.

It’s also a spot for the creative folk and the popular Saturday market showcases any number of handicrafts, eats and drinks.

A local Greyton shop


Greyton’s surrounding wheatlands are a sight


Windfarms in the Caledon/Greyton area


Greyton can be reached from the N1 – turn off near Caledon and the village nestles 32km away.

We love going down to Kalk Bay on the Indian Ocean – not only because our favourite fish ‘n chips restaurant (Live Bait) is there but the shops are full of quirky things and, the characters!

One of the major characters in the Kalk Bay harbour is this seal – he pinches fish from the tourists and fishermen, makes a nuisance of himself and is SO vain!


Delightful crafts – from Kenya


More Kenyan handicrafts


This really local – what to do with an old plank, some tin mugs, a plate and some flowers!


The characters showing off a freshly caught Red Roman (mind the bones!)


Not mention their car….

What would a Cape wineter be without snowdrops in the garden – the all-time favourite. These were spotted at de Kelders.

Bella (left) and Pickel


Bella at rest

Meet Ulla


….and Lara

First trip to Newlands for 2014 to see the underachieving Stormers thrashed by Sharks. Still, great to be there!


31,000 in a capacity of 51,200. Not a good Stormers’ season!

The Wincester Mansions Hotel in Sea Point – a classic Cape Dutch structure – with Table Mountain (centre background) and Lion’s Head (right)


Camps Bay beach with the Twelve Apostles in the background


Paraglider on Sea Point promenade.

Back in the Safe House in Camps Bay. and, the first thing you do, is take a picture of the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean!

A bientot – till we meet again (soon!).

The Bastide has been handed over to our guests for a few months and the wood shed is stacked for the wood to dry out in preparation for winter…

Winter 2014/2015 – ready and prepared.

The net postings will come from Cape Town and environs for six weeks and then from Cape Cod in the USA.

A bientot.



Where there is water, there is life. We found this colourful chap near one of the reservoirs


France’s hiking trails – les Grande Radoneés – provide us with many interesting finds and opportunities to gather more knowledge about the area. So it was that we did our last Radoneé for Summer 2014 – a short uphill drive from Saint Saturnin les Apt and then a longer hike to the top of a nearby hill. Along the way, we discovered some ‘les aiguiers’ – a novel stone system used in previous centuries for purifying water.

These reservoirs dug into the rocks  were meant to collect rain water and were used as drinking troughs for sheep. The reservoirs near farms were also used for domestic purposes (personal hygiene, laundry and watering of vegetable gardens). Some of them look like mere, open holes. Others were more elaborate and consisted of several cisterns or were protected by a dry-stone “lid” and could thus act as dew condensers. Most of the reservoirs in the Monts de Vaucluse were built in the 18th and 19th centuries, but some were dug even later, at the beginning of the 20th century.


This one is a bit stagnant! Lots of mozzies!


Along the route, we found another Aigiuer – this one in much better condition and described by the authorities.

Two stone borie structures house the pools


The entrance – no dogs allowed!, they may not come back


Another sign of water, wild flowers in profusion



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