Bonnieux, one of the stages in the Luberon’s iconic Golden Tringle of villages, stands proud in the autumn sun


Another view of Bonnieux as the mist lifts

Secluded courtyard with ornate gate down a small side street in Apt

Seen in Coustellet, Luberon

Sun, autumn colors, clouds


The Petit Luberon in the background


More beauty


Little old chair in a secluded garden


Luberon valley



Ménerbes skyline at sunset

Luberon Valley


Luberon National Park


Cherry orchards and vineyards turning…


Medieval cross in Ménerbes against the morning sky

An addition to the core street food range of Paris, BBQ jaffles, BBQ-ed toasted cheese sandwiches comes Madame’s newest creation: The Ultimate Boerewors Roll.


The recipe:

Slice a fresh baguette and toast slightly (if you wish)

Smother both sides in Auchan Picalli (or other brands would do)

Grill some onions and a large piece (about 500g) of home-made boerewors

Place sliced avo, cheese and fresh tomato on the other half

Mustard or ketchup is optional!

Mke sure that your shirt is well covered as you tuck in – cuts down on the laundry bills….







Deep in the Luberon National Park we find a hunter’s van


Further along the road we spot him searching for a sanglier (wild pig). Good for the pot and for the winter sausage (saucisson).


The village steps right out of a Chocolat scene


Looking down on our greengrocer – the ‘epicerie’


Looking out from the village as the fog starts to clear

A common sight these days is to see people foraging in the forests for mushrooms – like these in the Luberon National Park


Now I know where the word ‘toadstool’ comes from.

The 16th Century Church in Ménerbes is being restored with help from the French state, the World Heritage Fund and local donors – after spending most of last year, restoring the outside base and a new roof, the renovators have moved indoors to start reviving the frescoes.

Restoration underway


The large panels adjacent to the altar used to house four beautiful medieval paintings, depicting Christian scenes. These have not been seen since they were taken to Avignon for restoration work after they had become water-damaged from the leaking roof.

Conspiracy theories abound in the village (what’s new!) – where are they? when are they coming back? can they be restored? In a village of 1,200 people rumour an innuendo can run rife : we wait and see!



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