Our friend Vincente (110% French) does not like the modern trend to a light coloured rosé -

Our friend Vincente (110% French) does not like the modern trend to a light coloured rosé – he says that “you must not see your fingers through the bottle”. Madame and friends like it as pale as possible!

Thanks to Town and Country magazine (USA) for this:

Here are a few facts that might surprise even a seasoned rosé drinker.

1. Provence is considered the birthplace of French rosé, dating back 2,600 years. Today 141 million bottles, or 75%, of all Provencal wine is rosé.

2. The opening line in Billy Joel’s 1977 hit “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant”—”A bottle of white, a bottle of red, perhaps a bottle of rosé instead?”—was inspired by a server greeting his table one night at the now-shuttered Fontana di Trevi across from Carnegie Hall.

3. The curvy bowling ball shaped bottle used for rosé in Provence is called a “skittle” or “flûte à corset.”

4. Contrary to popular belief, the Hamptons (USA) did NOT run out of rosé last summer.

5. Rosé can be made three ways: skin contact, saignée (bleeding off the juice from pressed red grapes), or blending.

6. The most common way of making rosé Champagne is by mixing red wine with white wine.

7. In 2012, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie purchased Château Miraval and released their first rosé on Valentine’s Day of the following year.

8. Château Miravel also houses a recording studio where artists such as Sting, AC/DC, and Pink Floyd have all recorded songs.

9. It is illegal for winemakers in France outside of Champagne to blend white and red wine to make rosé.

10. The first known sale of rosé Champagne was by Champagne Ruinart in 1764.

11. France is the world’s largest producer of rosé, graciously providing 28% of the planet’s total production. Italy and the U.S. round out the top three.

12. Over the past 10 years, rosé wine production in France has increased more than 30%.

13. France consumes more rosé than white wine.

14. The U.S. is second thirstiest country of rosé consumers in the world (behind France).

15. In 1975 Sutter Home first introduced White Zinfandel to the world by accident when a portion of wine failed to ferment all the way, yielding an off-dry rosé.

16. The New York metro area accounts for nearly 20 percent of all rosé imported to the U.S. Miami accounts for 15 percent.

17. Rosé wine can and should be enjoyed year-round but is often associated with spring and summer as most wineries are bottled and ship their current release in the first half of the year.

18. Most rosé is best consumed within two years from release. Lopez de Heredia from Spain is a well-regarded exception (the current release of their Gran Reserva is from 2000).

Thanks, Micaela.


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