The Singer sewing machine table - after Dominique. Happy customers! Proud blacksmith.

The Singer sewing machine table – after Dominique. Happy customers! Proud blacksmith.

Each French village has one – some have more than one. The Blacksmith – le ferronniere – is part of the heart beat of any village or community. The reason being is  that so much building and decorative materials are made of iron and dealing with medieval sizes and shapes means that not much can come ‘off the peg’.

Menerbes has a real character: Andre “I’ll have it done by the end of the week” Dominique. ‘Dom’ to all and sundry is one of the most likeable people around and loves to promise jobs with a wide smile – however, he never specifies, which week.

Consequently, patience is required and when the job does finally arrive, it is always well made and, affordable. Pre-quoting is also not one of his strong points. Dom has now opened a showroom in the village – his studio is in the countryside – and since then he has delusions of becoming an ‘artiste’ not just a ferronniere.

We recovered an old Singer sewing machine stand, painted green many years ago and Madame hit upon the idea that it should become a table in the garden. Off to Dominique it went, we were promised ‘la fin de la semaine’ and, lo and behold, it arrived, all done!



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