Creative use of a large stone for a letterbox.

Provence is literally built on stone walls. An ample supply of stone, coupled with fine masonry skills, have been handed down over the ages inot modern day Provence.

The skill of building dry stone walls was first brought to the are by the Romans from 50BC to 450AD. Then generations of medieval masons perfected the craft.

However, much of the early skill still happens to-day. Suitable stones are slected from the hills and old buildings, a sound foundation is dug and prepared and then stone by stone, the wall is built. It’s back-breaking work and in to-days OH&S environment, it is not uncommon to see the mason with  a back brace.

It’s not as easy as it looks!

Modern methods have, however, been brought into play with the structure behind the stone being created from cement bricks and reinforcing steel rods to withstand floods and anything else that nature could possibly do to destroy the masterpiece.

An ancient wall literally fraying at the seams.



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