The ‘La Caja’ China roasting box has been placed firmly at the top of my new BBQ wish list:

Although, called the La Caja China, the concept hails from Cuba.

There’s a pig and a chicken inside that box – along with coals burning down from the top.

A quick check

Coals burning away

Some of the accoutrements needed to make this whole thing work – quite an event

At La Caja China, we believe barbequing is a work of art meant to be shared with friends and family. However, we know many people don’t have the time to truly enjoy barbequing because of all the work required to cook meat with traditional grills and rotisseries. With the La Caja China roasting box, the work and time required to grill meat is cut in half. Our China box roasters can cook up to 100 pounds of meat in four hours, meaning you can prepare more food in less time. The BBQ box, known as a Cajun microwave in some areas, requires little supervision because it builds up and maintains an even heat fast and effortlessly.

Our La Caja China pig cookers and grills are perfect for personal and business use and have been used by master chefs, including Bobby Flay and Martha Stewart. No pig roaster will get your skin as crispy or meat as juicy as our China box. La Caja China is also portable, allowing for seamless transportation between events for caterers. Our family designed La Caja China in order to give everyone the best possible BBQ experience, regardless of their budget. We know a La Caja China will help you in your backyard, at your event or business, and leave you and your friends with a full stomach and a smile.

Interested, click here.

Spotted in the Chatham Squire Bar and Restaurant, Chatham. Note the reference to taking your clubs away!


We all know that craft beer consumption is on the up; artificial big brand beer is going down.

We visited a local Cape Cod brewery, Devil’s Purse to have our own look at what the fuss is all about.

The range – Growlers, Howlers, Crowlers. Each bottle/pack size has it’s own distinctive name.

Gleaming tanks in a highly sterile environment.

Devil’ Purse is predominantly a ‘tap’ venture.

Kegs and Logs – half size kegs, waiting to go out to the pubs and clubs.

Matt, co-founder and master brewer

For more information on Devil’s Purse, click here.

Chatham Chamber of Commerce

The Wayside Inn, Chatham

Main Street, Chatham.


A typical US Coast Guard vessel on blocks outside the Chatham lightohuse. This was not the boat used in the rescue – today it is moored in nearby Orleans.

The Finest Hours is a 2016 American historical disaster drama-thriller film directed by Craig Gillespie and produced by Walt Disney Pictures. The screenplay, written by Eric Johnson, Scott Silver, and Paul Tamasy, is based on The Finest Hours: The True Story of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Most Daring Sea Rescue by Michael J. Tougias and Casey Sherman.

Bernard “Bernie” Webber, a crewman at the Coast Guard station in Chatham, Massachusetts on Cape Cod, has fallen in love with a local girl, Miriam Pentinen. The two plan to marry on April 16, but in accordance with Coast Guard regulations, Bernie must seek permission from the station’s commander, Daniel Cluff. On the day he is due to ask permission, the oil tanker SS Pendleton shears in half off the Chatham coast after getting caught in a nor’easter. With the majority of the station’s crew already underway with the rescue of the similarly-afflicted SS Fort Mercer, Bernie is dispatched to pilot motor lifeboat CG 36500 to rescue the Pendleton. Andrew Fitzgerald, Ervin Maske, and Richard P. Livesey volunteer to join Bernie on the rescue mission.

Meanwhile, the Pendelton’s engineer, Ray Sybert, as the surviving senior officer, organizes the surviving seamen to steer the sinking stern of the tanker onto a submerged reef, where it can lodge until rescuers arrive.

Disney Poster for the movie.

When Miriam hears that Bernie is leading the rescue effort, she, like a number of other townspeople, thinks this is a suicide mission. Few people in Chatham trust Cluff, since he is not from the area and does not know its treacherous weather. Miriam even goes as far as to drive to the station and demand that Cluff call Bernie back. Cluff refuses, and brusquely orders Miriam out.

Between the Chatham harbor and the open sea lies a bar, a series of shoals that are very dangerous even in good weather. Bernie must time bursts of his engine to ride each approaching wave before it breaks as he pilots the 36500 across the bar. He manages to make it over the bar, though in the process he loses his compass.

Bernie steers the 36500 to the stricken tanker. Even though his boat is only designed to take on 12 people, Bernie manages to rescue 32 crewmen. The stern of the Pendleton begins sinking more rapidly during the rescue and goes down shortly after the last crewman comes aboard Bernie’s boat. Relying on his knowledge of the coast and prevailing winds in place of his compass, Bernie steers the 36500 toward home—a task made more difficult as Chatham loses power. However, Miriam and the other townspeople drive their cars to the pier and turn on their headlights to guide Bernie in.

Photographs from the event briefly document the aftermath of the rescue. Two months later, Bernie and Miriam are married; they stay together for 58 years until Bernie’s death in 2009. Webber and his crew receive the Gold Lifesaving Medal.

We rated the Disney movie “The Finest Hours” – five stars!

Camden, Maine.

A good drop, they say….

Every New Year’s Eve the population of Chatham, Cape Cod turns out at the lighthouse for a village photograph.

We were there!

A portion of the crowd before the picture

The Chatham Fire Brigade lent their large ladder for the photographer

The finished article

Finally, we’re getting the snow we have been dreaming about…

Chatham Main Street

No breakfast on the deck today!


Set in the heart of the quaint seaside village of Chatham, Cape Cod, the Chatham Wayside Inn offers stylish accommodation, comfortable dining and outstanding service creating the perfect Cape Cod experience year-round. Chatham’s strolling Main Street, an exclusive mile of boutique shops, art galleries, restaurants, and other seaside activities are just a few step from the Inn.

Chatham has carefully and beautifully preserved the flavour of a small New England town with great style and charm, creating an ideal destination to experience the quaint feeling of old Cape Cod.

For more information, click here.

Our three-ball putting out after a magnificent round of golf.

Our three-ball putting out after a magnificent round of golf.

After World War I, Cape Cod began to generate a great deal of interest as a summer resort. Chatham Bars Inn had been built around 1912 and sported a nine-hole golf course. The interest in golf was also developing at this time in the United States, and a group of men, chiefly from the Boston area, decided that a links location on Cape Cod could provide the kind of challenging course with which they had become familiar in the British Isles. With a quality of foresight bordering on genius, the group purchased the major portion of Nickerson’s Neck for the counterpart of the great links of Scotland and England. Thus was born the Chatham Country Club, the predecessor of today’s great Eastward Ho! Country Club.

Coming up the 18th

Coming up the 18th

Mr. G. Herbert Windler, many times president of the United States Golf Association, headed the group which had selected the ideal site for the first serious attempt to establish an 18-hole championship golf links in New England. It should be noted that a sea-side location, with its concomitant heather, sand, land convolutions, and the ever-present and ever-changing sea breezes (sometimes gales) is necessary to produce real links. Inland courses are usually known as parkland and are generally conceded not to poise nearly the challenge of true sea-side links. Mr. Windler and his cohorts conferred with the best golf course designers of the time, and the final lay-out of the Chatham Course was entrusted to Mr. W. Herbert Fowler who had designed Westward Ho! and Walton Heath, two of England’s most famous courses. The construction of the new course occupied the interval between 1921 and 1924, when it was first opened for play.

A view back from the 17th

A view back from the 17th

The links are in the form of an hourglass, with the Clubhouse located at the waist. The first nine holes stretch away to the east toward the Atlantic, which is visible from almost any point; the second nine lie to the west and, for the most part, are closely tied in with the shores of magnificent Pleasant Bay. Present-day golfers will agree after playing the course in various weather conditions (of which there is no lack) that the designer has provided a real test for the skilled who possess the treasured low handicap as well as the weekend duffer. All of the shots of golf are present; the lies, while at times exasperating, must be acknowledged as demanding great technique, and the effect of the almost ever-present wind can change club selection for the same shot from one day to the next—from an easy eight iron to a difficult three or four. Herbert Fowler, in his final report, upon completion of the construction of the links, says, “I am quite certain that this course will compare favorably with the leading courses in the United Kingdom and will be second to none of them.” Brave words, perhaps, but who among those who have been privileged to see and play the great links of Great Britain and Ireland or those marvels of the Monterey Peninsula, Cypress Point, Pebble Beach, and Spyglass Hill will not concede that for a setting of beauty and sheer golfing delight Eastward Ho! stands with the others?

Part of the magnificent club house.

Part of the magnificent club house.

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